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Get Creative

If you enjoy serving Lucky Onion natural dip mixes and rubs with other foods (besides the usual chips and veggies), email us and tell us about it! We love to hear about the creative ways that our customers prepare snacks and meals with our products!

Just look at all the different ways you can enjoy Lucky Onion products everyday!

Prepare your favorite Lucky Onion dip and use it as

A dipping sauce for:
Chicken tenders or chicken wings
French fries
Onion rings
Fried calamari
Fried mushrooms
Bread sticks
Bagel chips
Melba toast
Cocktail shrimp and fried shrimp

A topping for baked potatoes
A topping for potato skins

An ingredient in mashed potatoes

A spread on sandwiches or burgers
A spread on crab cakes
A spread on a toasted bagel
A spread on pinwheel sandwiches or wraps

Filling for a bread bowl with chunks of bread for dipping

Prepare Herbaceous Dill Dip and use it as a sauce on salmon

Prepare Garden Party Spinach Dip and add 1/3 cup crumbled bleu cheese for a delicious twist!